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what are the duties of a web designer

Hello readers: in this article, we are exploring the duties of a web designer before starting the discussion on this topic we must explain the all basic knowledge about web design and web designers, as We know that graphic design is basic designing field of visual content, but the internet is the largest source of digital marketing, that’s why for internet business development we have to take knowledge about website designing, let’s talk about A web designer

A web designer is a person that makes the website looks good. The main duties of Web Designers are to focus on the style and overall feel of the website using different software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc to make the website more attractive.


Web design is the visual aesthetics and page layout of a website. It goes hand-in-hand with web development in the creation of a static website or dynamic web application. No matter whether you want to make static websites or dynamic web applications, design is an important part of the process. The design is the first thing people notice when they arrive on a website, and if it’s not good enough, they’ll leave. You don’t want to create a site that frustrates people, do you? Our designers know the coding. Because coding is in high demand in the web design field.


As we are discussing the duties of web designer, we have to know about the types of web designing, our web development agency is providing best web designers

Types of Layouts:

  1. Static Page Layout:
  2. Dynamic Website Layout:
  3. Fixed design Layout:
  4. Responsive design Layout:
  5. Liquid or Fluid design Layout:
  6. Single page design Layout:


The web design process starts with a visual concept, which our designers could sketch by hand or with software like Photoshop. Then, they use HTML and CSS to build the website. HTML and CSS are the codes for writing web pages. HTML handles the basic structure and ‘bones’ of your page, while CSS handles the style and appearance. Our web designers are good; they’ll also pay attention to concepts like responsive design, aesthetics, usability, and accessibility when building your site.


A web designer is an individual who possesses the knowledge of creating and coding elements of web pages using various technical and nontechnical skills to put together be fitting websites on the internet according to their client’s specifications. Our web designers are a guru in web building, who understands what works and what doesn’t work on the web.


There are different types of web designers as per their role:

Three common types of web designers

  1. UX designer
  2. UI designer
  3. Visual designer


User Experience (UX) designer:

UX is known as User Experience. How a user feels and his/her demands getting fulfilled after using the software or automobile or any other gadget designed. In simple terms “is user able to use the product efficiently, the way the developer has intended to use his artifact.”

User interface (UI) designer:

User Interface (UI) Design is the creation of graphics, illustrations, and use of photographic artwork and typography to enhance the display and layout of a digital product within its various device views. Interface elements consist of input controls (buttons, drop-down menus, data fields), navigational components (search fields, slider, icons, tags), informational components (progress bars, notifications, message boxes).

Visual designer:

The Visual designer’s role is to aim for the completed product should look attractive. They are a mixture of User interfaces and Graphic designers. Don’t get confused between a Graphic designer and a visual designer.


Our web development agency is mainly focused on the educated staff, who are experts in their work; we are also sharing the education and requirements of the web designers who will pay the duties of the web designers.

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field.
  • One to three years of professional design experience.
  • Portfolio of strong creative work.
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator)
  • Experience with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


Our web designers have the best skills and they are playing a brilliant role in the web designing world, they have these skills, which are in high demand in UAE

And some steps:

  1. Web Graphic Design
  2. Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  3. Web Programming Experience
  4. Front End Development
  6. Rapid Prototype Creation
  7. Web User Interface Design
  8. Web Programming Skills
  9. Illustration Tools
  10. Web Analytics
  11. Multimedia Content Development
  12. Understanding Browser Capabilities
  13. Client Facing Communication
  14. Teamwork
  15. Organization, Multiple Project Juggling
  16. Self Directed


We further talk about software proficiency, if any designers want to play a vital role in the web world. They have to good knowledge about the duties of web designers

Great Steps:

  1. Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop
  2. Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator
  3. Adobe Creative Suite: In Design
  4. Wireframing Tools
  5. Balsamiq
  6. JQuery
  7. JavaScript
  8. Enterprise Content Management Systems
  9. Visual Studio
  10. Flash


Here are important knowledge, skills, and abilities web designers are usually expected to possess for success on the job.

  1. Have good knowledge of graphic designs and web coding
  2. High level of creativity and passion for visual arts
  3. Excellent knowledge of color combination and blending
  4. Ability to keep to time and deadlines
  5. Must be able to maintain focus to achieve set goals in due time
  6. Be knowledgeable of the legal implication of web content usage, freedom of information, plagiarism, censorship, and privacy to ensure that all contents are appropriate and non-offensive.


 Web designing is one of the vast sectors of internet marketing and information technology. With almost every task being accomplished using the World Wide Web is today’s technically advanced world, the need for knowledgeable web designers is magnifying to a huge extent by each day. The basic duties of web designers are to make a website attractive, easily accessible and information specific to help meet the needs of the visitors. Here, the job is to help the audiences determine a distinct and uncomplicated path towards the information they are seeking and receive a unique visual appeal of the website.

The designers may work on any type of website, including those offering services spanning from educational to online shopping.

The duties of web designers are to prepare, design, and maintain the site structures and explain the design plan and interlinking between various components of the website to the clients. The work of analyzing and developing the sites carries on until the expectations of the clients are met. Sometimes, the designers are challenged with content delivery issues for which they identify pioneering solutions through effective utilization of their technical and artistic proficiency.


Our web development agency is focusing on the basic duties of web designers in this article we explain in-depth the duties of web designers. We must Discuss and understanding the needs, goals, and functionality of the clients and designing the websites accordingly


  1. Supplying concepts and ideas to the clients to plan out the designing of their websites
  2. Modifying current web graphics and software packages and formulating programming codes
  3. Managing the site appearance by suitably placing the links, action buttons, text, and images and determining appropriate backgrounds, color schemes, and other visual facets
  4. Directing visitors to other regions of the website through relevant links, clear categorization, and easy navigation
  5. Registering the websites with prime search engines and uploading them to specific servers
  6. Identifying the functionality of the websites
  7. Working in collaboration with graphic professionals and copywriters to generate and modify the graphical and textual content of the websites
  8. Performing site maintenance by regularly updating the site content and implementing appropriate display modules.
  9. Troubleshooting technical issues
  10. Creating sample sites; exhibiting and acquiring feedback on draft websites
  11. Furnishing useful information to the clients by staying updated with the recent software and technological advancements and by analyzing and summarizing the trends.



  1. Familiarity with the latest technological development in internet media
  2. Strong artistic sense and technologically sound
  3. Great visualization skills
  4. Ability to meet strict deadlines.


Web designers can advance to become principal/senior web developers or designers. After gaining adequate experience, most designers start their businesses and develop a wide client base.


Readers: we discussed in the topic about the duties of the web designer, we know the importance of web designers and they are playing a key role in web development, there for our web development agency is hiring qualified and skilled designers for our clients, hope that this article will help our clients to work with us.