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Which programming language is best for mobile app development in 2021?

Many of the apps in the Play Store are built with Java, and it is also the most supported language by Google. Java was the official language for Android App Development. As for IOS Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Also the primary programming language for iOS apps, Objective-C was chosen by Apple to build robust and scalable apps. Being a C-language superset, it has many functions that precisely deal with graphics, I/O, and display functions.

Android – Java

Apple – Objective C, swift

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Mobile app development company Houston?

If you’ve an idea for mobile app and want to get it developed from an app development company, this guide will be helpful for you. Mobile app development is on boom as business are getting huge profit going online.

Mobile App Development Q/NA Series

Mobile App Development companies are in numbers all over the world and many of them are producing world class mobile app solutions. The search for app development companies should be based on below criteria:

  • Company conducting market research
  • Company’s portfolio should be matching your requirements
  • Tech stack followed by company
  • Schedule the project work
  • cross-platform development

Location of the company really doesn’t matter as you are going to outsource the project to a mobile app development company.

No matter how good the company looks on paper, you won’t know for certain if they are right for your project until you thoroughly engage in discussion with the team. If you are interested in a particular app development company, ask them for examples of prior projects similar to yours, and how they handled the projects. You can also conduct client research yourself by reading the in-depth client reviews on the company’s Clutch profile, this is a good source of past project successes and potential project obstacles.

Once you’ve identified a company you’re interested in, you’ll likely move on to a pre-research or “discovery” stage, as opposed to jumping straight into development. Clutch’s recent survey on app development cost found that nearly 70% of app development companies require this stage. A discovery stage is typically conducted before an app development company commits to building the full app with you.

Having an On-demands mobile app idea?

Mobile App Development Q/NA Series

We have a team of developers having experience in on-demand apps. Our team is developing scalable and prominent solution in iOS and Android of different complexities. Feel free to comment or write us in case of any queries.

Is it worth hiring a mobile app development company?

As others already said – it depends. It is possible to create an app in-house, but the question is, do you have enough developers with enough experience, AND do you have enough time to get the app build in-house. If the answer for any of the questions is either “No” or “Probably not,” then reaching out to a mobile app development company is a smarter choice.

Okay, if you need to create something really simple without too many features, then getting it done quickly with your own team might be doable. But if your plans are for a full-fledged business app with users’ profiles, internet access, social media sharing, then hiring a software house is a far better option. While you will have to pay a bit for the app, a well-known mobile app development company can guarantee that your app will be looking and working exactly like you want it. Plus, they are very often familiar with the newest technologies or tools, so you will actually get the app completed faster.

Here though, you need to do A LOT of research on the software houses before you hire one. 1.5 years ago, my company was planning to develop a mobile app. Our CTO actually initially planned to get it done in-house as well, but after finishing the planning and testing stage, it turned out that getting the app done with our regular team would be far costlier and time-consuming than it’s worth it.

So he spent a couple of weeks searching for polish software houses, contacting them for quotes, and scheduling meetings – and in the end, picked Angry Nerds to create the app for us.


  • Our developers could focus on their regular work, just contacting the AN team once a week.
  • Our CTO got regular reports on the progress of the app and the cost of the project.
  • We got the finished app on time, without going over the budget and without too many problems on the way.

If you need one app to build and you don’t have enough people or resources to get it done by yourself, then reaching out to software house is the best option. But be careful and triple-check all companies you are considering – just to avoid misunderstandings or problems later on (like constantly missing deadlines).

Who is the most successful mobile app development company in 2021?

A company that provides top-quality mobile development services at affordable prices clearly understands your mobile app project requirements, shares timely updates about the project status, and assists its clients even after the final delivery of the project could be considered as the best mobile app development company.

To be frank, finding the one that can provide all benefits mentioned above is not an easy task. So after conducting in-depth research, I came across a mobile app development company that could be a good fit for your custom mobile app development needs.

As per my analysis, FATbit Technologies is one of the most successful custom mobile app development companies in 2021 on a global scale.

The firm specializes in building Android and iOS applications in distinct industry verticals such as: –

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare and Fitness
  3. Media
  4. Entertainment
  5. Food & Grocery
  6. Communication
  7. Logistics and Transportation
  8. Ecommerce

This custom mobile app development company gives a privilege to startup firms, small and medium businesses, & large-scale enterprises to achieve their desired goals by providing user-centric solutions. Founded in 2004, FATbit Technologies is a renowned and prestigious firm having a team of around 150-200 top-notch professionals.

Being a prominent leader in the B2B and B2C industry, the firm has been featured in:-

  • The Telegraph
  • Entrepreneur
  • HuffPost
  • Business Insider
  • Fox 40

Now, I would like to introduce the services and solutions provided by FATbit Technologies such as: –

  1. Android app development
  2. iOS development
  3. Hybrid mobile app development
  4. Mobile user experience design
  5. Mobile application support & maintenance
  6. Mobile app testing

If you are interested in getting a trustworthy app developed, get in touch with FATbit Technologies by filling out the contact form.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your mobile app development?

Benefits of outsourcing mobile app development, here are the reasons:

1. Cost-effective approach

Outsourcing your mobile app development can decrease your overall cost incurrence to a great deal. Not only it will reduce your overhead cost but also help you make considerable savings on infrastructure and resources.

In fact, according to statistics, outsourcing mobile app development can help you cut costs up to 75%. Well, 59% of businesses are already outsourcing because of its cost-cutting feature.

2. Wide-ranging of service options

When you outsource your app development needs to any offshore app development company, you get different service options. Most outsourcing app development companies have multiple service models and payment choices. They offer high tailoring capabilities to the clients. One can hire a full-time developer team or engage developers for a fixed number of hours. Offshore companies also provide services for developing apps for almost all popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Owners can make use of a wide variety to create a highly competent app for their business.

3. Impeccable security

Apart from developing a mobile app, it is essential to safeguard it too. Especially if it’s a business app, these apps are vulnerable to hacking which might lead to loss of sensitive data and information. This is where an outsourcing mobility service provider company can come in handy.

Not only have they had a robust security mechanism but, their legal documentation and non-disclosure agreements are also on point.

4.Provide end-to-end service

The Offshore App Development Companies aim to offer the best value for the investment you make to create a remarkable app. The process of app development comprises different phases. The eminent app developers cater to the needs of each phase with appropriate commitment. They conduct stringent testing of the app to make it fool-proof. The iterations in any app are carried out as and when needed by the client. Thus, the app development companies deploy end-to-end service that helps in creating near-perfect apps.

5. Saving Lots of Time

The average company does not have a great deal of time to waste when it comes time to learn more about app-building companies. Once an app idea has been devised and the business is ready to get started, time is always of the essence. No idea is original and someone else will always be there to beat a slow-moving organization to the punch. Outsourcing reduces that time crunch considerably.

Timely delivery is one of the most crucial ethics in the mobile app universe. A company cannot afford to lose out. If the release of a mobile product is delayed, a company’s reputation will suffer immensely. The less time that is spent on development, the easier it becomes for a business to experience long-term success. Quick turnarounds are always going to be beneficial for all parties involved.

Wrap Up

Outsourcing companies like Capital Numbers can do the needful for you. Years of experience and expertise have made us a pro in this field. Our developers have great technical knowledge in providing enterprise mobility solutions to clients across the globe.

What is the Future of IoT Mobile App Development in 2021?

In the period of digitalization, IoT is cultivating the impending upset in portable applications. The manners in which organizations used to give versatile application improvement are changing a direct result of IoT. In the wake of encouraging large number of corporates to convey phenomenal client encounters, IoT is good to go with some new and progressed versatile application improvement patterns.

The tech world is the one that is ceaselessly developing. Consistently and every day, developments become exposed. Every one of them is upsetting our lives in either way. From the main wheel to brilliant urban areas, people have progressed significantly.

The advancement and establishment of shrewd urban communities is the aftereffect of IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT has unquestionably blended a serious turmoil in the advanced world with the mass potential it has. It can bring everything and everybody on the web.

According to the most recent versatile application details, IoT will turn into a more huge part of the portable application advancement industry. The piece of the overall industry of IoT will build more than twofold in 2021 with an amazing measure of 520 billion USD. While four years back in 2017, this number was 235 billion USD.

IoT App Trend #1: Cybersecurity for IoT

With an expansion in the number of gadgets on the web, online protection is the main concern for all organizations as IoT acquires notoriety. The organization is required to extend in the coming years, thus the information volume will likewise increment. This causes us to notice more data to secure.

IoT security will consider ascending as more clients will store their information over the cloud. From banking subtleties to home security, everything is effectively penetrated if the security firewall is feeble in IoT applications.

Consequently, portable application advancement organizations need to work upon the up-degree of their IoT empowered versatile applications.

IoT App Trend #2: Roaring Popularity of Smart Home Devices

At the point when shrewd home gadgets were dispatched, many derided them by calling them unreasonable toys for languid adolescents. Presently, similar individuals are discovering it progressively hard to oppose the appeal of IoT gadgets.

IoT gadgets are required to be mainstream in 2021 and the years to come. The purpose of their developing prominence is that the IoT gadgets are getting profoundly instinctive and creative. They are stretched out not exclusively to the solace of home mechanization yet in addition to home security and the wellbeing of your family.

Another extraordinary bit of leeway of executing savvy IoT improvement appropriation is the need to save energy. The keen lights or astute indoor regulators help in saving energy, decreasing bills. These reasons will prompt an ever-increasing number of individuals to receive savvy home gadgets.

IoT App Trend #3: Backed by AI and ML

Man-made reasoning and Machine Learning both are flourishing advances. Both of these are the facilitators of computerization. We as a whole expertise Artificial Intelligence has contacted a huge number of lives far and wide.

Along with IoT, AI and ML are exceptional information-driven innovations molding the fate of human-machine communications. The engineers set up a mix of IoT and Artificial Intelligence that mechanizes the normal undertakings, disentangles work, and gets the most precise data.

IoT App Trend #4: IoT and Healthcare

With the upset in the wellbeing tech industry, medical care organizations are turning towards portable stages. IoT empowered applications to open up new occasions to improve the clinical area.

IoT has tremendous applications that are now running in the medical services field and is required to increment by 26.2%

Medical services applications including IoT innovation are relied upon to change the universe of clinical sciences. These IoT portable applications can even assist specialists and clinical experts treat their patients even in a good way.

Brilliant wearables and inserts will have the option to record different boundaries to hold the patient’s wellbeing under wraps. By incorporating sensors, compact gadgets, and a wide range of clinical gear, constant updates of a patient’s wellbeing can be recorded and shipped off to the concerned individual.

IoT App Trend #5: Edge Computing to Overtake Cloud Computing

This is where we must be cautious. For the past numerous years, IoT gadgets have been putting away their information on distributed storage. Notwithstanding, the IoT designers, advancement administrations, and producers have begun contemplating the utility of putting away, ascertaining, and investigating information as far as possible.